Simple Human into a Soldier

Marcelo Goberto Azevedo
2 min readMar 6, 2022
REUTERS — Ukraine arm ordinary citizens

Alert — All characters appearing in this text are fictitious! Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental.

These people in this picture are Ukrainians, before 24th February these guys were common citizens. The first one on the left is Wladimir, he used to have a local store to sell food, on his left side is Kramer, he is a teacher in fundamental school. The one wearing a black hat and suit is Lomink, he is retired. In the first plan, we have Junik, he is the owner of a small company that researches a cure for cancer.

These people’s habits were very normal before 24th February, they woke up on their bed at home, they took breakfast with family, they went to work using public transportation, they ate lunch with their colleagues. All of them have a lot of dreams for themselves and their families but take a look at the picture, it was taken on 05th March. Can you identify dreams in that?

I can guarantee it is impossible to imagine the dreams for each one, the only dream that can be possible to realize, is to maintain freedom no matter the efforts. This small group is replicated across Ukraine. These citizens are fighting to secure, in the future, everyone can have their dreams. Until now, everything seems normal, we need to defend our liberty.

Any war has an uncountable price to pay over the years, the most important expense is the scar of the was in each fighter´s mind and heart. Humans are always prepared to defend, but we aren’t trained to fight, mainly when this fight requires then to kill other people. Let´s use Junik as an example, a few days ago this man just needed to take care of his research and he got very excited about the possibility to find a cure and save thousands of people around the world, now he needs to learn how to use a weapon, in this case, a machine gun to save his freedom.

Basically, a war can transform a simple human into a soldier, although these soldiers haven’t ´t received training to be prepared to accept this charge. Because of that, we know the results that transform in the future, all simple humans will be a problematic soldier, a problematic dad, a problematic husband, a problematic citizen. Humans don´t need more war, we just need peace.



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